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Training for the local people in Belasitza

Nov. 29, 2007
The first seminar with the topic "Offering basic touristy services" gathered together 40 people from 23rd to 25th of November 2007 in bio - hotel "Moravsko selo" where the participants had the chance to learn something more about the main maxims of the stable tourism, national and international legislation, the systems of defining the quality of the services, the care of the clients and the good practices and examples in the sphere of the eco-tourism from the country and abroad.
The place where the seminar was implemented was not chosen by chance - the proprietresses demonstrated a special attitude to the nature and the health, as well as the affection and responsiveness.
A teaching of guidance and interpretation is in store from the 30th of November to the 3rd of December in Melnik. The participants in it will have the chance to be acquainted with the basic principles of the leadership, the responsibility of the guide, the special features of the group psychology, the relationship guide-group. One of the biggest challenges of the contemporary guide is the way he/she submits the information to the tourist. Here will help the knowledge in interpretation of the natural wealth and cultural-historical inheritance -basic maxims of interpretation, possibilities for attractive and dynamic presenting of the information, thematical routes and displays. The teaching also includes taking part in games, which will move the atmosphere and will bring the participants closer. If the weather conditions are fine the practical part will include orientational tasks, work with compass and GPS, transition to the Rojen Manastir. On the way back the participators will be divided on small groups that will play a role game and will have to play roles of different types of tourists. The guide of the group must also take part in the game.

The lecturers in the both teachings are among the leadings in Bulgaria and they have an experience of many years: Zornica Stavreva (Bulgarian association of alternative tourism), Andriana Andreeva (interpretation and interactive lay-outs, BFB), Cveta Misheva - Aleksova and Boiko Vulchev - professional mountain guides.

The tuitions are part of the project of BFB - Belasitza department "Preservation of the globe important biodiversity of the mountain Belasitza by implicating the local communities in the development of eco-tourism”. This project is accomplished with financial support of the Swiss agency for development and cooperation and the Program for small projects of the Global ecological fund.