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The government continues to stay idle, while the Seventh Rila Lakes disappear

7te Rilski ezera
Nov. 08, 2013
As in recent months no action are taken by the government on the issue of the destruction of the Seven Rila Lakes, which could lead to their extinction, the coalition of NGOs and civic groups “Let the NATURE remain in Bulgaria” demands:

- The state to remove the illegal lift from Pionerska Hut to Rila Lakes Hut, built in the Rila National Park without any valid environmental impact assessment, as well as in violation of the State Property Act.
- The state to sanction the Sapareva Banya Municipality for its illegal expansion of the road to the lift and the parking lot next to it.
- The state to destroy the feudal symbiosis between the municipality and opportunists with jeeps and horses that continue illegally to upload tourists and turned the hiking trails in the Rila National Park into a dusty road.

In a normal state, before being built, the lift would be a subject to environmental impact assessment and compatibility with the European ecological network Natura 2000. Then and there, they would show the devastating anthropogenic effects on wildlife of the Seven Rila Lakes.
In yet another official report on the conservation status of the habitats in the region of the Seven Rila Lakes is said that “there is an urgent need to restrict the flow of tourists.”
The Management Plan of the Rila National Park, approved by the government after public hearings in 2001, says that “the high concentration of people in the area of the Seven Rila Lakes (about 400 people in August 1997 and about 2,000 people in 1999) affects vegetation, violates the purity of the water and soil and significant areas are trod. “ According to the official information of the Ministry of Environment and Water, only for 2011 in the Seven Rila Lakes area were concentrated 120 539 people, i.e. 60 times the harmful limit.
Coalition “Let the NATURE remain in Bulgaria” anxiously notice that circles around the investor in the lift and close members to the current government began pseudo-green initiatives that aim to create an impression to the public that there is a consensus for legalising the illegal lift and to impose Smudge Eye administrative measures. And so the problem of the disappearance of the Seven Lakes will not be solved, but for some time the society would believe that everything is okay.
This will be used to suppress the pressure of the European Commission, which insists that the “Low Rila” area from the Natura 2000 network finally to be declared, which is important for the habitats of endangered species such as the bear and the Cottus Gobio fish, survivor from the Ice Age to present (probably about 90% of its population is concentrated in the clear rivers of Rila Mountain).
In recent weeks, the government declared directly in favor of a mysterious investor who wants to build 20 000 beds and 155 km of ski tracks in the ancient forests between Samokov and Separeva Banya, and again seeking to enter into the territory of the Rila National Park. There is a petition with 11,000 signatures against the project -
Coalition “Let the NATURE remain in Bulgaria” wants to remind that the investor in the Seven Rila Lakes lift has not given up of his megalomaniacal project “Super Panichiste”, which also plans to invade territories of the Rila National Park and Skakavitsa Reserve.