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Oct. 28, 2006
1. Every time I go to the beach I will remove all my garbage and at least one piece of litter that doesn’t belong to me.
2. I will try to conserve water by:
- Repairing my toilet if it is running all the time
- Turning off the tap when I am brushing my teeth
- Showering for one minute less
- Not running the water all the time when I am washing the dishes.
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3. I will not pour oil, paints, or chemicals down the drain or toilet. I will ask my local council about the safest way to dispose of these hazardous materials.

4. I will plant trees, bushes or flowers in common spaces around my house or apartment block. I will talk with my neighbors about how the plants will be looked after. Planting trees is the best way to filter waste and runoff before it enters our waterways.

5. I will take a shopping bag to the market or supermarket and I will not accept unnecessary plastic bags. I will try to buy in bulk and I will buy products with less packaging.

6. I will find out where my waste (garbage and sewage) goes and how is it treated. If I am not happy about the current situation I will write to my local mayor and share this letter with at least two other people.