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Oct. 02, 2013
The final term for participation registration for the International Student Exchange– AN INSIGHT TO NATURE PROTECTION AND SUSTAINABLE TOURISM is approaching.

Are you ready to discover Belasitsa/Belles Mountain travelling in three different countries?

Take part in the Student Exchange and you will learn about the Mountain the culture and the history of the region. The four day exchange will take place in Bulgaria, Greece and FYR Macedonia offering the participants a chance to experience and explore Belasitsa in all of them. The students will get acquainted with the nature values of the area and get an insight into the administration responsibilities of Belasitsa Nature Park and Lake Kerkini National Park. Presentations on biodiversity protection, nature protected areas management, and tourism opportunities in the region will contribute to the experience.

The time is running out! The final term for participation registration is October 15th 2013.

The 4 day long camp will take place between 1st and 4th November 2013. Working language of the event is English.Here can be found more information and registration form for the event.
And there is a pleasant surprise - three of the participants will have the chance to get their diploma thesis financed by the project!

The Student exchange is organized in the frame of the project “Belasitsa Beyond Borders – Transboundary Cooperation along the Balkan Green Belt” which is jointly implemented by the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation – Branch Belasitsa (Bulgaria), EuroNatur (Germany), Belasitsa Nature Park Directorate at the Еxecutive Forest Agency (Bulgaria), Management Authority of Lake Kerkini (Greece) and Environmental Association Planetum – Strumica (FYR Macedonia).
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