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Promotion of the Regional Trademark for Strandja NP

The project is aiming at development of Regional trademark of Strandja Nature Park. This will support the local products, agriculture, tourist services and offers, based to sustainable use of the natural resources and “green” image of Strandja. In addition this will consolidate the partnership and economic development through certification of the Park directorate partners, including businessmen in rural and ecotourism, farmers, beekeepers, herb collectors, etc.

  • Creation of a concept for development of regional trademark with general principals and standards
  • Creation of the logo and the trademark. For the graphic design, trademark and slogan an advertisement agency will be hired or qualified expert.
  • Legal registration and protection of the trademark. The preliminary consultations with law experts show that the proper form for protection according to Trademark and geographic symbols Act is “certified trademark”.
  • Popularizing of the initiative – publishing a leaflet
  • Meetings and workshops for the selection of start products and services. This choice is necessary for testing standards and procedures, as well to provoke the interest to the trademark.
  • Defining standards and procedures for certifying of the start products and services. They will be consulted with the representatives of the interested local businesses.
  • Preparation of the marketing strategy which will define the objectives, priorities and tools for popularizing of the value and identity of the certified local products and services.
  • Pilot applying of the trademark – advertisement and information. Certifying several pilot products and services, using logo and slogan for the packing and market deliveries.
  • Marketing of the certified products and services. Implementing some of the commercial and informational activities, recommended by the marketing strategy.