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Dec. 31, 2021
BBF started the preparation and implementation of a monitoring plan for ecocorridor Rila - Verila - Kraishte
The preparation and implementation of a monitoring plan for the Rila-Verila-Kraishte ecological corridor began in December. The monitoring aims to determine the extent to which the built facilities for green infrastructure, such as overpass, underpass, viaduct, green bridges, etc., facilitate the passage and reduce the fragmentation of habitats of animal species in the area.
Nov. 09, 2021
SaveGREEN - The Power of Nature: An Introduction to Green Infrastructure
This is the first in a series of articles focusing on green infrastructure (GI) and how its various applications can help tackle the biodiversity crisis in Central and Eastern Europe. We also explain how the SaveGREEN project promotes good GI practices and better ways to design mitigation measures so that they can work adequately and in conjunction with ecological corridors. A helpful starting point, however, is to begin with an explanation of the difference between ‘green’ infrastructure and ‘grey’ infrastructure. So let’s get started!
Apr. 12, 2021
SaveGREEN - A Global Strategy for Sustainable Transport and other Linear Infrastructure
Roads, railways, power-lines and other linear infrastructures are global major threats to biodiversity. Yet, they are also essential to meet the demands of growing populations. Urgent decisions and targeted actions are needed to ensure that the current, very rapid increase in linear infrastructure — particularly in the world’s most biodiverse regions where some of the fastest growth is occurring — does not irreversibly damage the natural environment.
Jan. 26, 2021
SaveGREEN - Paving the Network: IENE International Conference
The SaveGREEN project team had a forward-looking 2021 launch by participating in the IENE International Conference “LIFE LINES – Linear Infrastructure Networks with Ecological Solutions.” After 25 years of existence, it was the first virtual conference organised by IENE, a network aiming to provide an independent, international, and interdisciplinary arena for the exchange and development of knowledge on transportation, infrastructure, and ecology with the aim to promote a safe and ecologically sustainable pan-European transport infrastructure.