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Oct. 04, 2009
Tour forjournalists and tour-operators in Belasitza
From September 30 till October 2nd BBF organized a special trip for presentation of the eco-tourism possibilities in the three parts of the mountain Belasitza (Bulgarian, Greek and Macedonian).
Sep. 25, 2009
Flora of Plovdiv
The new BBF’s book was written by prof. Ilia Cheshmedjiev and Rosen Vassilev. More than 300 well illustrated pages presenting the extraordinary plants diversity of the most beautiful towns in Bulgaria – Plovdiv.
Aug. 07, 2009
I love Rila, I love walking!
Welcome to the National hiking tour to the Seven Lakes by Vitosha and Verila on the international walking route E4! With this tour we want to show that nature should be respected and that it is best to go on foot in the mountain.

More details:
Jul 15, 2009
Changes in the management of BBF
Since 1st of May BBF has a new Acting Executive director - Mrs. Rumyana Ivanova, a member of BBF team since 2000.
In order to create one more “perfect” structure than the old one, we established in May 2009 an Executive Bureau, which we think best suits BBF management style. The Executive Bureau’s goal will be to improve the management and the coordination in the organization and to provide collective and transparent decision making.
The Executive Bureau consists of Executive Director, Coordinators of thematic groups and Branch Managers (BBF currently has 4 thematic groups and 4 legally registered branches – Strandja, Kaliakra, Eastern Rhodopes and Belasitsa).
More details in “BBF inside”.
May 16, 2009
International Biodiversity Day - May 22nd
The theme for the International Day on Biological Diversity (IDB) in 2009 is invasive alien species (IAS) - one of the greatest threats to biodiversity, and to the ecological and economic well-being of society and the planet.
ELBARN South East Europe Workshop in Bulgaria
May 11, 2009
ELBARN South East Europe Workshop in Bulgaria
Many species of domestic animals are endangered and already rare. Breeds of cows, goats, donkeys and horses are often lost. Some examples of endangered breeds in Bulgaria are the Kalofer goat and Karakatchan Sheep. People concerned with in-situ or live conservation of rare breeds are often faced with the danger of losing important stock in cases of, for example, epidemics. 
New baby in BBF team
Apr. 02, 2009
New baby in BBF team

Today the daughter of Latinka and Piotr Rzerzycha – Magda was born. She has perfect measures – 3200 gr. And 53 sm. Congratulations for the happy family from all BBF team!

Nov. 16, 2008
During 13th – 15th November 2008, the second Romanian-Bulgarian workshop regarding the opportunity for extending the marine protected area 2 Mai – Vama Veche found at the Romanian littoral into the Bulgarian ones, from the Dobrich region
The meeting makes subject of one of the activity included in the project „Area 2 Mai – Durankulak – Conservation of marine biodiversity and public awarenes raising”, which was implemented during this year by the Mare Nostrum NGO, in partnership with the National Institute for Marine Research and Development „Grigore Antipa” (NIMRD) (Constanta/Romania) and Bulgarian Biodiversity Fund (BBF) (from Bulgaria).
Feb. 06, 2008
The logo competition for Strandja trademark is over
On January 24th - Strandja's Nature Park birthday, the competition for the future regional trademark is over. 45 authors with 84 proposals took part in the competition. BBF and NP Directorate are grateful to all participants. On February 15 the winner of the competition will be clear.
New Year - New Nature Park
Jan. 10, 2008
New Year - New Nature Park
The new year started with a wonderful news – the proclamation of the newest Nature park in Bulgaria – Belasitsa. In the last day before Christmas, the Minister of Environment and Water signed the order for the park’s proclamation. The order will be enforced after its publishing in the State Gazette. This is the eleventh Nature Park in Bulgaria. 
Dec. 06, 2007
Competition for logo - Regional trademark Nature park Strandja
The Direction of Nature Park Strandja announces a competition for creation of a logo, representing the regional mark “Nature park Strandja” and will be given to certificated guest houses, products made in the park, cervices etc. The logo will be placed on stickers, forms, envelopes, advertisement materials, web sites and others.
Nov. 29, 2007
Training for the local people in Belasitza
BFB organizes courses of teaching for the people of the Belasica area in relation with the development of the eco-tourism in and around the mountain, as well as a teaching for the people's own development as owners of houses for accommodation and rooms for eating, guides and other suppliers of eco-touristy products and services (including the producers of meat products, craftsman etc.)
Nov. 13, 2007
What are the social adjustments for nature conservation?
At order of the BFB a team from the Institute of Sociology of BAS with leader Rumiana Stoilova, organized a preliminarily studying for the adults of the country on the topics of the preserving the nature in Bulgaria and the degree of the perception of the green way of living among the different social groups. 1000 people of all the country have been inquired in the period of 15.10 - 26.10.2007.
Nov. 05, 2007
National conference for river ecosystems and floods risk
The National Conference "Conservation of river ecosystems and sustainable flood risk management" will take place on 7-8 November 2007 in the Central Military Club, Sofia, Bulgaria.
The conference will provide exchange of information and discussion on the sustainable flood prevention and conservation practices. The contemporary European policies and best practices will be presented as well as practical experience from river basins in Bulgaria, The Netherlands, Switzerland and Ukraine.
Check-ups for protected species in Nessebar, Ravda
Oct. 30, 2007
Check-ups for protected species in Nessebar, Ravda
On the 29th of October examinations around the Black sea coast were accomplished - in Nessebar, Pomorie, Ravda and Sunny Beach, Police officers from Bourgas PD and а spokesperson of BFB (as an organization that gave the signal for the infractions). As a result of the check-up the following preserved species were confiscated: a bear hide, a common buzzard, an owl, a big hawk and an otter hide.
Oct. 25, 2007
The concert for Strandja
BBF continuing the check ups for stuff animals
Sep. 05, 2007
BBF continuing the check ups for stuff animals
In implementation of the Action plan for the Chamois, Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation continues the actions for control of possession and exhibition of illegal protected species in public places, which is in infringement of Bulgarian Biodiversity Act. Velingrad comes after Bansko.
At September 4th, 2007 on the territory of Velingrad Municipality was made a joint action between Regional Inspectorate for Environment and Waters - Pazardzhik, RPD Velingrad and BBF during which were controlled 7 objects (restaurants, taverns, hotels, hunting shops and clubs) and were confiscated the following protected species: Chamois -3 numbers, Common Buzzard - 3, Sparrowhawk, Wild cat, Long-eared owl and Hadgecock.