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Meeting of NGO and EC reresentatives

Apr. 12, 2011
Experts from the European Commission summarized the procedure for handling complaints and have asked to NGOs for specific requests more irrefutable evidence and clear address of the signals. "All your signals are important for us because even if we disable procedure due to lack of evidence of infringement, it can always be resumed with the receipt of new information on the case," stressed the head of department Natura 2000 in the EC Stefan Leiner.
Jean-Francois Brakeland refuted allegations that criminal proceedings in Rila and Pirin will be suspended stressing that illegal lifts and ski runs, built in the Pirin Mountains are an example of one of the biggest weaknesses of the Bulgarian legislation - too low penalties for such serious violations.
Commissioners also announced that Bulgaria is to transpose the European directive for crimes against nature, which will require much higher penalties in the future.