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LIFE+ Information Session 2011

Feb. 04, 2011
The European Commission will publish the fifth Call for Proposals under the LIFE+ Programme in February 2011, with up to €265.360 million available across the EU for co-financing projects under three headings: nature and biodiversity; environment policy and governance; and information and communication.

The European Commission, in conjunction with STELLA Consulting and MWH, will organise an Information Session on the LIFE+ Programme in Bulgaria. The aim of the Information Session is to inform potential applicants for the 2011 Call for Proposals about the LIFE+ Programme, to help potential applicants decide whether or not to submit a LIFE+ proposal, and to highlight some key issues to help avoid common problems if they do submit a proposal. The Information Session will be held on:
24 March 2011 at Rodina Hotel, Sofia

For further information, or to register for this LIFE+ Information Session, please enter into your internet browser. Registration for this Session will close on: 10 March 2011.

Further information can be found on the LIFE website: