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Eco-Nets Bulgaria Project

Eco-Nets Bulgaria Project
The Project "Eco-Nets Bulgaria: Environmental protection through civil networking and communication with focus on protected areas, industrial emissions and waste" is carried out with the financial support of Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt DBU /DBU/ and aims at strengthening of the networks and collaboration between Bulgarian NGOs in order to improve their work in the focus areas, namely, threatened protected areas, excessive industrial emissions and waste.

Project activities include:
1. Organization of National conference and work discussions with the idea to connect as many as possible representatives of environmental NGOs, governmental agencies, business groups as well as experts in the fields of media, research and education for closer cooperation in the areas, highlighted by the project;
2. Creation of public Eco Web Map for the observation and documentation of activities, which are detrimental to the environment. The map will include good and bad practices with pictures, video and other expert information.
3. Facilitation of cross-sector eco-networks between environmental NGOs and NGOs from other sectors in order to be found common goals and established mutual strategies for future cooperation.
4. Development of expert networks, which will be able to respond effectively and timely to different signals of environmental degradation and etc.
5. Organisation of public meetings and discussions in response to local or regional environmental issue, which are of great importance to the society and environment. The goal of these public meetings will be to collect perspectives from varying actors and interests, from local citizens and businesses to governmental and non-governmental organizations in the region, to discuss and establish potential solutions.
6. Organization of media events, which aim at improving environmental education and raise the public awareness about environmental problems.

Project Partners: Bluelink Information Network, Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation, Leibniz Insitute for Geography

Duration: March 2011 – August 2012
Budget: 207 000 €
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