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Implementation of Iron Curtain Trail in its Balkan section

The main task of the project is to create a framework for building on the southeast section of the European Bike "The Trail of the Iron Curtain" that arises the idea of the European Deputy Michael Cramer. The starting point is the Barents Sea, its total length is 6800 km, passes through 22 European countries and reaches the Black Sea. Iron Curtain or the dividing line between East and West in the past, known as the Green Belt is a "bridge" between the border areas in this part of Europe and a prerequisite for cross-border cooperation on sustainable development.

The proposed plan includes building measures and promotion of the last section of the route length 1,700 km, starting from the border between Serbia and Romania, passing through the border area between Bulgaria and neighboring Serbia, Macedonia, Greece and Turkey, and ends at the Black Sea.
The project aims at creating a network of stakeholders to participate in the development of Bike Trails and to shape strategies for their construction, use and promote the development of alternative tourism in border areas. It is the introduction of European standards for Biking, which will contribute to improving Bike tourism in Bulgaria.

The project activities included a study of land and infrastructure as well as meetings with stakeholders from different regions - municipalities, local NGOs, owners of guest houses and more. The project envisages six workshops in the areas on the route and creating of small groups to manage the idea on the local level. It will analyze the feasibility of the project, its tourist potential, being studied local supply of tourist services and cultural-historical and natural resources areas. After that an economic assessment of the project will be made and the funding opportunities will be discussed.
Bulgarian partners are BAAT, Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation, Environmental Partnership Foundation and the Ministry of Economy and Energy, the international ones are – Romanian Velo Association Bike Attack and the Municipality of Thassos, Greece.

Duration: 01/01/2011 - 12/31/2011
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Implementation of Iron Curtain Trail in its Balkan section