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Demonstration To Save Our Seas And Deliver Petition To International Meeting Of Environment Ministers

Apr. 09, 2018
Local NGO Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation and supporters will join with international campaigning organisations Seas At Risk, WeMove.EU and Our Fish, to deliver a petition to the Minister of Environment of Sweden, Per Ängquist, on behalf of the EU Council of Environment Ministers. The demonstration will include animal mascots and a huge banner calling for action to protect our seas and end overfishing.
Tuesday 10th April
Demonstration from 11am – 2pm
Handover of petition 11.15 - 11.30am
Demonstration near the main entrance to National Palace of Culture (pylons of NDK) near the tram stop NDK. Handover of the petition at the main entrance to National Palace of Culture
EU laws, the Marine Directive and the Common Fisheries Policy, have a clear deadline of 2020 to end overfishing and protect EU seas, however member states are ignoring these laws. The petition was started in October 2017 to enable the public to show their support for action from EU Environment and Fisheries Ministers.