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Competition for logo - Regional trademark Nature park Strandja

Dec. 06, 2007
Regulations for conduction of the competition

* The competition is anonymous. Firms and private persons can take part in it.
* The award for the winning project is 800 lv.
* The projects have to be send to the address of the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation: София 1233, кв. Банишора, бл.54, вх. Д, ет.2 (in a letter or brought to the office – phone: +359 2 9316183).
* Deadline: 24.01.2008
* The projects will be assessed in accordance to their art qualities – conception, design, non standard decisions.
* Commission with representatives of the Direction of the Nature park Strandja, Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation and a graphic designer will do the assessment of the projects.
* The logo will be registered in the Bulgarian Patent Bureau.
* The results of the contest will be announced before 15.02.2008