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Biodiversity Emergency Fund

Jun 20, 2006

During the last 15 years, the economic revival in Bulgaria is accompanied by intensive process of biodiversity loss. Due to the limited capacity and funds available the Bulgarian citizens and non-governmental organizations often are not able to react to emerging threats to biodiversity. The other examples of such funds designed to support urgent environmental protection actions are not available at the moment. That is why the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation /BBF/ established an emergency fund in order to respond to the need of urgent actions on emerging “hot” issues for biodiversity.

To respond to the need of urgent actions on emerging “hot” issues for biodiversity the BBF has decided to establish a Biodiversity Emergency Fund. It will enable BBF and its partners to undertake urgent measures for halting the loss of biodiversity by 2010.
Having in mind the specificity of the emergency needs the BBF will not apply a common approach to the requests but an individual one referring to each particular case. In 2005 the Fund has a budget of 10000 BGN and is entirely supported by the Swiss Development and Cooperation Agency in the frame of the BBF project “Pro-biodiversity Partnerships: Nature beyond Conservation”.

• Preparation of documentation, lawyers fees and court taxes on biodiversity related court cases
• Investigation/collection of additional information of/on “hot” biodiversity issue/cases
• Public/politicians awareness actions on “hot” biodiversity issues
• Travel cost for presentation of specific “hot” issues to national or international forums
• Etc.

The total amount for the Emergency Fund for the year 2005 is 10000 BGN. Actions are going to be supported until the total amount is spent. The proposed actions should be feasible and cost effective. Ideal amounts will be from 150 till 1500 BGN but BBF will be flexible to consider higher costs depending on the priority of the action.

1. Priority will be given to NGO projects that are submitted or supported by other partners.
2. The candidate describes the problem and the urgent actions proposed. The descriptive part is in Bulgarian and according to a form attached.
3. The form is sent to the BBF at
4. The proposal is reviewed and approved by the BBF experts and the Executive Director.
5. In two weeks period the BBF informs the candidate about its decision.