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BBF continuing the check ups for stuff animals

BBF continuing the check ups for stuff animals
Sep. 05, 2007
Penal ordinances will be made for the constituted acts. The penalty for exhibition and possession of protected animal species varies between 100 and 5 000 lv. for individual persons (up to 10 000 lv. if the species is globally threatened) and from 500 to 10 000 lv. for juridical persons (up to 20 000 lv. for globally threatened species).

There were confiscated three trophies of Chamois. Two of them are bought outside the Rhodopes. The fashion for exhibition of heads of Chamois in the public places exists from several years. There is a market for such trophies and the poachers are specialized into hunting Chamois at the National parks. Hundred of animals are killed for this reason during the last year, by cutting only their head and the body and the meat were left. The Action plan for the Chamois provides special steps to stop these violations - check-ups in the public places and private homes and premiums for signals and catching poachers.

To be settled forever this problem it is necessary to exist an active civil position by side of the visitors, because their reaction is important for the owners. If everyone who cares about the nature shows his discontent of the exhibiting an animals and parts of them at the places for feeding, this will decrease the effect of “fashion” to beautify taverns, restaurants and even the coffees with the “cadavers” of dead disappearing species, the biggest part of which found their dead because of someone’s desire to stuff and exhibit them.