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A unique migration of the common frog is under threat of destruction

Oct. 18, 2019
Protected area ”Muhalnitsa”, situated near the town of Botevgrad in the western section of the Balkan Mountains in Bulgaria, was established in 1992 to protect the longest documented breeding migration of the common frog (Rana temporaria).Common frogs, which generally occur at altitudes of 800 m a.s.l., descend to the swamp of “Muhalnitsa”, located at 380 m a.s.l., to breed. During this annual breeding migration, they cover approximately 7 kilometers from the surrounding hills of Bilo Mountain to spawn. This unique migration is estimated to have begun nearly 10-12 thousand years ago.

In order to breed successfully, common frogs require shallow open water surfaces. Because of an ongoing water pipe leakage, currently the swamp is overgrown with bulrush, which greatly deteriorates the quality of the habitat.

Two years ago, the bulrush was removed by the Botevgrad municipality with the help of the "For the Nature" coalition and researchers from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. This resulted in the highest number of recorded breeding frogs in recent years.

Unfortunately, this year the municipality will not be able to allocate funds for this. The period for removing the bulrush is currently underway because soon other protected species of amphibians will be entering the swamp for the winter.

Let us help together by raising the necessary 2600 leva (BGN), which will be used to rent a dredge for partial eradication and removal of the bulrush from the swamp.

The amount is urgently needed as cleaning can only take place before the beginning of November. The procedure will then threaten other protected amphibians that live in the area and use the swamp for overwintering.

Those who wish to do so can support the campaign in the following ways:

Donations to the following bank account (in BGN):
IBAN: BG96PRCB92301016330328
ProCredit Bank - Bulgaria
Holder: Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation

Pay pal and epay donations at: (homepage, epay now and donate buttons on the right)

We also raise funds in our offices:
- Association of Parks in Bulgaria, located in Sofia, 26 Han Asparuh Str., Ap.1, GSM: 0884 073 761