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A new project shows the need for active civic participation in nature conservation

We give nature a voice
Nov. 29, 2021

Bulgaria is amongst the richest countries in Europe in terms of biodiversity. Instead of appreciating this wealth, however, in recent years we see how it is systematically destroyed - construction sites emerging in the last wild areas, fires burning old growth forests, hydropower plants destroying biodiversity in rivers, poachers killing some of the few remaining protected species, are just some of the daily crimes against nature.

A group of experts, united in the coalition of non-governmental organizations and civic groups "For the Nature", have  dedicated themselves to the cause of preserving our natural wealth. But in addition to public support, in the last 15 years they have encountered many obstacles set in their way by people who see nature only as a resource for private use.


"We give nature a voice" will share the stories of these brave experts and citizens -  who they are, what are the difficulties they have faced and the successes they are proud of? What are they striving for and why do we need strong civic support for nature conservation? 

The project will present to the general public the enormous work that various conservation organizations, part of the coalition, have done to protect our greatest national treasures - clean air and water, preserved species and habitats where wildlife can continue to be wild in the 21st century.


The main focus will be the creation of video content which to explain in an accessible language important facts about nature protection in Bulgaria, to debunk some of the most common stereotypes and prejudices about nature and its defenders, to recall key cases on which experts have worked over the years and to inform about new challenges in the field of ecology and climate change in our country.


During the project, 22 informational online or offline events will be organized throughout the country (e.g. informal green drink meetings, open doors and informational lectures on socially important issues). A green festival will also be organized.


The project will also focus on building new connections with local communities and supporting them with expertise in dealing with emerging environmental issues. At least 6 important public cases will be supported.


The duration of the project "We give nature a voice" is  24 months and is implemented with the financial support of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway under the EEA Financial Mechanism

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